​Flexible Employees for ​paid Social & SEA

​Reliable & Experienced

Flexible Mitarbeiter für Social Media Advertising

Zuverlässig, Erfahren, Kompetent.


Over 50 Freelancers available

Media agencies or marketing departments play a very important role in today's digital advertising landscape.

They create and carry out marketing campaigns on the most important marketing channels: Social Media and SEA.

Due to increasing demand personnel management can be a big challenge! 
If you win a new client account that needs a significant workforce, you need to get qualified and experienced people quickly!

But also other cases like long term sickness, maternity leave or resignation can lead to staff shortage.

Staff shortage that needs to get balanced as soon as possible. 

In these cases we can help you to relieve work load and stress by providing flexible, qualified and experienced employees!

All Platforms

SEA. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Xing,

Tik Tok, Twitter.

Accountbetreuung von A-Z

Kundenbetreuung, Kampagnenplanung, Mediapläne, (Jahres-) Strategien, Kampagnenupload und -optimierung, Brand Lift Studies, Potentialanalysen, Tracking, Reporting etc.

Complete Account Management

Campaign Planning, Media Plans, Strategies, Campaign 

Management and Optimisation, Brand Lift Studies, Analysis,

Reporting etc. 

Alle Social Media Plattformen

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, LInkedIn, Xing, Tik Tok, Twitter

Seamless Integration into your Team

We can do quick onboarding into new client environments,

(communication-) structure and processes.
Like a remote team member

Nahtlose Integration in Dein Team

Wir arbeiten uns schnell in neue Umgebungen, 

(Kommunikations-) Strukturen und Prozesse ein.

Wie ein remote Teammitglied.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We do everything to make our clients happy. Should there be any problems in an engagement we will replace the freelancer or you can end the engagement anytime.


Wir tun alles dafür um unsere Kunden zufrieden zu stellen. Sollte das aus einmal nicht klappen, kann das Engagement einfach beendet werden.



Founder & Campaign Manager


Key Account  Manager


Freelancer Relations Manager


Freelancer Relations Manager


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